We are looking for new flavors and combinations that can amaze. We carefully choose our raw materials and processing methods, taking care of every detail to bring you a unique culinary creation to the table. We bring a complex product to the table, ready to be tasted. We offer a dynamic environment, respectful of tradition but open to influences from around the world and to new culinary expedients. We select the best and seek quality from the best producers. We work the ingredients with care and imagination, because there is no other way to make a difference.

Our products thought for you

Offering quality dishes that respect the Tuscan tradition is an important responsibility for those who have always lived this land with love and a sense of belonging. For this reason, we consider healthy eating a culture to be proudly preserved.

Km 0 as a philosophy

The goal that Burghero has always set itself is to try to take a new path in the quality fast food restaurant system, using the best 0 km artisanal products, and drawing inspiration from keywords such as sustainability, responsibility and sharing.

Another way is possible. For us, there is another way of raising and cultivating, another way of relating to nature and animals, another way of eating and enjoying food. A simple concept based on healthy and tasty products all at km 0, such as:

  • local ingredients from a short supply chain
  • materials that are recyclable or fully biodegradable
  • respect for people and the environment
  • respect even your rhythms

In English, slow-fast also means “the right time”: Burghero’s slow fast food lets you decide how fast your meal should be. Our approach is to select quality farms in our area and transform their products into a “smart” food that focuses on nature and gluttony.

Seasonality is key. The shortest way to the pot is undoubtedly the best” a chef from a well-known restaurant reveals to us. We can only join forces: those who buy fruit and vegetables grown in the region, as well as from the current harvest, have guaranteed freshness and do good for the environment and wallet.



We like to make you feel at home … it is with these intentions that we try to treat our restaurant as if it were our home.

Warm, well-finished and welcoming to enjoy our products with the utmost conviviality as a couple or with friends.


Simple doesn’t mean neglected, but we like to leave our guests the freedom to choose in complete tranquillity.

A service that is always accurate and attentive to satisfying your requests.



We believe that ours is a tasty, but also HEALTHY product, so we pay attention to the processing and quality of our raw materials, to ensure that our product is digestible and healthy as well as good.



For us our philosophy is not a false propaganda, we like to be transparent about what we use and how we do it … that’s why we openly declare suppliers and recipes without secrets; because for us transparency towards the customer … is everything.


In Italian it would be AMICHEVOLE … a beautiful word that fully expresses our product and the way to taste it, with friends, accompanied by a good craft beer or a glass of a good Tuscan red … because you know … how says the wise … at the table you don’t get old.


… ETHICS towards our customers

… ETHICS towards food

… ETHICS towards nature

… ETHICS towards environmental sustainability

This is what the meaning of this word is for us