Manzo – ENGOLD

The red gold

We use Piemontese breed meat which is considered today, the most valuable in the world, for its meat yield, and  thanks to its exceptional nutritional and dietary characteristics, being a lean, tender and tasty meat. Numerous scientific researches have shown that Piemontese breed beef, with an unmistakable flavour, is particularly low in fat with only 0.5% – 1% against 3% for other cattle breeds. It can be defined as an optimally balanced food from the point of view of both the total fat intake (quantity) and from the point of view of the distribution of fatty acids (fat quality). In fact, it has a rather low concentration of saturated fats (37%) and  a high percentage of unsaturated fats (63%), data that  then favorably influenced the atherogenic and thrombogenic indices, placing this product on the same level as fish.
It is also characterized by a scarce presence of connective tissue between the muscle fibers, which makes it particularly tender to chew.

But that is not all …

To obtain excellent quality meat, you need the right breed and correct nutrition. The breed is the one we have talked about so far and there is little to add about its properties. As far as food is concerned, we turn to a farm, located in Piedmont, where there is the highest concentration of Piedmontese calves: the company of Luigi Carlo Vallino, which feeds its animals with noble raw materials they are blended in your plant, so you can personally test them and be sure they are top quality and toxin-free.
The animal feed is therefore composed of: corn, soy, barley, wheat, bran, beet pulp, whole soy, flax, broad bean flakes, vitamin supplements, mineral supplements, straw and hay at will. On the other hand, there are no silages and added animal fats. Everything is studied in detail as well as transport to the slaughterhouse which takes place with great care not to cause stress in the animals.

Our burgers are like this!!! a blend of pure fresh beef.

We prefer cuts that have up to 30% fat content: this will melt during cooking, leaving only its taste and giving a particular flavor to our burgheri.