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... there are chickens and chickens

Ours come from the Cinelli farm in Montespertoli; an excellence for the production of high quality white meat. In the farm it is possible to find different varieties: from the yellow chicken, passing through the red necked chicken whose characteristic is a tender and tasty meat up to the local capon, an autochthonous breed. Together with them also the guinea fowl, the Livorno cockerel and the Comet chicken, all grown strictly outdoors and fed with plant foods.

For our chicken burgers, we use Yellow Chicken. Animals that grow in large spaces far beyond those permitted by law. The Broilere selection generates the chosen breed, whose characteristics are the intense yellow pigmentation, the pronounced morphological structure, a high flavor and a particular softness even in parts such as the breast. From this product we obtain our fine cuts, which are then processed to make our chicken burgers.